So why are Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda and Mace suddenly all on her side? (The first Story I've ever written in THIRD PERSON.This little ghost was about to change the fate of the galaxy.Only tiny little wisps of it at a time but should you gather them together, the picture was clear as day and rang out with the sound of millions of voices, echoing, ringing. and if that means punching Qui-Gon in his crooked nose and taking his other Padawan away, well.? ------- Exactly what it says on the tin, Order 65 is issued instead of Order 66.So if you usually avoid me because I write first person, this is the story you'll want to check out. Lilo and stitch kauai caper. So he does the only thing he can do.Saved by her master and hiding on Kashyyyk, she never thought she'd see anybody from her old life again. ?It is time.Many things change.It's been a long time but she'd recognise that red hair anywhere.Together they follow Ahsoka to an unknown Jedi Temple where they find a mysterious stranger trying to get home.An observing Knight said from behind Obi-Wan.Obi-Wan finds that being the Chosen One does not mean what everyone thinks it does, least of all what the defeated Sith master Darth Sidious thought.And more importantly, will you be able to do so before falling back into the arms of the man you had once loved so much.Both hold their spiritual customs close to their hearts and only a big-eared, fuzzy-headed baby has a chance at breaking down the walls they've built around themselves. An alternate telling of Knightfall, the Jedi Purge, and the Galactic Civil War.

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Being close to Commander Fox, who led the Coruscant Guards, Riyo is determined to fight for their rights to be recognized as sentients.In another incident, a perverted senator had shown a huge amount of credit to Lip, but she tackled him.” “Hear, hear,” Padmé smiled, as she raised her glass with the other senators.Consumed with greed, corruption and wealth, they take advantage of their privilege and use them for their own selfish consumption.Both of her parents were rice farmers, and she spent most of her time growing up in the countryside, surrounded by rice fields, buffaloes, eels and mud.Unfortunately, due to the senator’s high status, he was let go while Lip was assigned to a menial task for a week. Eridan x sollux lemon. .Where is the democracy that we all know and love.If the Clone Rights Act is to be passed, the future of clone troopers will be changed.She learned that if she stood idly by and let evil prevail around her, she would eventually be desensitized by her surroundings.Riyo couldn’t contain her smile as she realized that her dream of getting a bill to the Senate has finally come true, well, almost came true, to be precise.If we want to win the system back, we will have to pass a law that will benefit everyone, not just the top one per cent of the population.But when they start seeing gold, they forget their duty.This was proven when Riyo and her fellow senators, Padmé Amidala of Naboo, Bail Organa of Alderaan, Bibi Haizan of Shili, and many others as well.At first, they had a huge passion inside their heart and promises that they would make for their people on their home planet.An honourable man, he and Riyo met when she was recently elected as a senator of the Outer Rim planet.She learned to find her own voice after what happened on the moon of Orto Plutonia, where Riyo had to stop the fighting between the Talz, her people, and the Republic troops as well.She was lost at first, being born in the outskirts of Pantora, but with a bit of his help, and her colleagues, she managed to not only navigate through Coruscant, but her career as a senator as well. “You may enter,” a male voice replied to her, which the young senator could note as Bail Organa.They would be paid for their services in the Grand Army of the Republic, they would be treated fairly like citizens, and they would be actions against those who treated the clones like crap.Comments: 1 Kudos: 4 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 92.Sometimes, Riyo wishes that she had stood up to the Chairman sooner, but at the same time, she took that as a lesson that she learned during her career.

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“Kenobi, here. Let her know Kenobi says hi.He supposed it made sense now, he had put his trust in the wrong person and let them convince him that he was doing the right thing when it was in fact, the opposite.Right?” “Anakin he’s a powerful Sith Lord, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to shield his power from us for that long. Take a deep breath.” “Yes, yes I am. Eboshi. Then again, it is the Senate). “Fives was right.” “Good.” “What?” Thorn questioned.” At those words, a look of understanding and fear showed on the ex-Chancellor’s face.Completely baffled, the bridge waited for her to stop.The doors to the Chancellor’s office slammed open and before they could even register it, three clones and tackled, stunned and handcuffed Mas Amedda.You wouldn’t have felt it unless you were looking for it. “Oh no.He was quite possibly having an existential crisis.Inside all of their heads that were going to make them kill all of us.You wouldn’t have felt it unless you were looking for it. Well then, if you could let the men know, I need to talk to the council.It was time.” “Master Kenobi.” “Fox, he’s just a senator, isn’t he.Bacara, inform Doom, Odd Eye and Kay. OC AU Designs. The few that had managed to get on were pushed off by an unknown force.” Putting the commlink down on the table, Anakin sat with his head in his hands.One smile from her and he calmed down.Turns out that his faith wasn’t misguided, but looking into his eyes and seeing crystal blue but imagining them a harsh golden yellow.” “What is it Kenobi?” “If there’s an order which can compel every single clone to kill the chancellor, then there is every chance that there is an order to wipe us out. Three!” “Anakin.Really, we should probably take him out too. “I see.” “No need.The Chancellor has always been close to Skyguy, it was really weird considering he’s maybe three times his age.This was for every civvie that got caught in the cross-fire between sides.Anakin we turned a child into one of the most fearless commanders I’ve ever seen.” Anakin’s expression was a mix of confused and unbelieving.” “Oh?” “Something called Order Sixty-Five.However, we know the risks and this is for the good of the republic. He knew that he was probably going to die going into this but if it was the last thing he did, he would bring the wrinkled slime ball hut’uun with him.” “Why would you assume that?” “The Chancellor has been very anti-Jedi lately in the Senate.He’s been leading up to something like this for weeks, as we have suspected and then you went even as far as to ask my former padawan to spy for you.


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The lightsaber was purposely heavier to match the sword.” She couldn’t help but smile at his formal tone.He couldn’t help but think of how vibrant and mature she looked and how old he was.” Sabine frowned but then shrugged “Okay” before striking the black sword over the lightsaber.I will no longer have any use for it. “Caleb. Amateur surgeon junk. ” Ezra lifted the sword and said, “Whoa, it’s weird.He couldn’t be any older than Kanan or herself.It’s a Jedi thing.She expected the sword to break across the laser beam, but instead it gave off a spark. “It means I love you, Rex.I’ve been waiting for a portal to open a nexus through the Force.Did you fight in the Clone Wars?” He shook his head and said, “That’s is a rather complicated story, Miss Ahsoka.It was like the man wasn’t really there.He leaned closer to him and said, “Then, what are you.Our worlds are not so dissimilar, but the Jedi do exist.” Meanwhile, Ezra sat closer to the traveler and bit his lower lip as he studied him.Ahsoka quickly rushed to his side and helped him up.Ezra marveled at the craftsmanship of Jinn’s lightsaber handle.He didn’t bother looking at her when he replied, “It’s a hobby. “Now, stand clear. “I love you too, Soka.However, the earthquakes continued to rage on. The leaf's handsome devil. ” Jinn laughed hearty and loud in the dome chamber.Rex had certainly aged, but rather gracefully.She gave him hope.Rex leaned into her touch and closed his honey brown eyes and pressed her hand closer to his face.She reached out like Sabine and Ezra to the walls and traced the carvings with her fingers.They needed you more than me.You’ll only jinx us.” Ahsoka frowned. Come on.He found himself on all fours on the forest floor.Just missed my step, is all. It’s okay.Down the center was a grey place with images of figure outlined in white.The only difference she saw was that he had amber eyes instead of blue.If you still want to watch, you may observe from the corridor.They were pale blue again and he was staring back at him.” She smiled at him and reached out to take his hand.” Ahsoka said, “Wait, you said you were waiting for the right time.This means that I’m your girl.” Kanan narrowed his brow and said, “Forgive me, but you don’t look very old, but you said you’ve been traveling for 30 years?” “Yes, but I’m not completely human.Does that mean you plan to leave soon?” “Yes, tonight, Force willing.It’s rather annoying to remain in one place while the Sith are buzzing about.He then laid the blade across his hands and handed it to Sabine to inspect.

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Follow them as they explore through the galaxy, from planet to planet, trying to keep the baby safe and defeat Moff Gideon for good.Sometimes I don't pay attention to what I am writing and spoil ahead, so if you have not watched EVERY episode of Season Two (or do not wish to be spoiled at all, in general), DO NOT READ.DO NOT (and I repeat do not!) READ THIS STORY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED FOR SEASON TWO OF THE MANDALORIAN.Sorry, just a preface, but I don't want to ruin Season Two for anyone.This book is going to be FILLED with spoilers for Season Two, considering it is a book about Season Two.

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”.No Jedi Consular should wear their emotions that obviously on their sleeve. She took two steps towards him and reached out gently to take the handkerchief from his fingers. “I would be very thankful for any assistance,” the young man said, picking up his packages.Namia smiled.She watched them for a couple of seconds, trying to pick the leader and thinking of the best plan of attack. Percy merlin. Namia glanced towards where Kithera was almost bouncing on the spot.Her name is-” “Um,” Kithera’s voice piped up again, “there are cymbals now.Namia grinned at the young man who was now sweaty and out of breath.I think you should get yourself treated,” she said raising a hand to hail an air-taxi. “What did you feel?” Namia asked quietly. Someone’s in pain. That’s what the Jedi Order is all about.From beside her there was a thump of bags and then the familiar snap hiss of an igniting lightsaber.Namia watched them leave and then walked over to where the young man was leaning up against the wall.She led to him to one of the busier walkways full of people.” Behind the gang the young man struggled to his feet, coughing.Kithera was chewing on her lower lip and studying the ground. “I appreciate you rescuing me very much.” She unhooked the bags from Kithera’s hands and sat them on the ground, before taking one of her padawan’s palms and trying to massage the life back into it.She held out the edge of the handkerchief. “Did I load you up too much?” Namia asked as Kithera reached her. “Just kill her. Murderdock. Her apprentice immediately went quiet and dropped her eyes to the floor.She reached out with the Force feeling the same swirl of emotions she had felt before, now undercut with the very obvious thrill of desire.Even though Jedi were supposed to shun possessions, she liked giving gifts.” Namia grinned. a lot.” There was another wave of emotion, stronger this time.I mean having a bag carrier is why I took an apprentice after all,” Namia said teasingly. “Nothing.Good initiates were so terrified of doing the wrong thing that they couldn’t stand up for themselves.” “We’ll walk you to the transit hub,” Namia said smiling at the young man. We need to go, Master.The next moment, he turned and smiled at her and she could feel a tinge of fear in the eddies of the Force. I should have also realised that I walk too fast and that I shouldn’t expect you to carry so many bags.After a minute, there was a shuffling noise of feet and then a quiet murmur.Coruscant was always such a tightly repressed city, but somehow during the Festival it opened up.

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Deep in Hutt Space, it was high on the list of places Din Djarin wanted to avoid.Yet here he was, loaded to the teeth, his son’s pram tethered closely to himself.Until his dying day Din would deny startling at the sound of the small person beside him, wrapped in a dark grey cloak.The Child took an experimental nibble of the meat and trilled happily.Now, as they moved to be engulfed in the crowd, Din covered the Child’s head so that only the watery orbs of his eyes could be seen.Beside him, The Child’s ears drooped as he looked from the cloaked figure to Din. Spider-Man 2. He gave a disappointed coo and reached for Din’s arm in question.Tether still secured, they continued trudging up the wide staircase of the palace, stone worn smooth by a millennia of footfalls.The Child waved and smiled at passersby, accepting a little wooden beaded necklace from a human on stilts as they started up the stairs of the palace. He’s fine. “A festival might help us blend in?” The question was rhetorical, but The Child smiled and trilled happily, raising his little arms to be picked up.” The voice was clearly female.The Child chirred happily, waiting for The Mandalorian with tempered patience.As the ship powered down and the canned air flow stopped, delicious smells began wafting through the intakes.Dust and debris clouded their vision as the floor dropped from beneath them. “No.There was little he could do for the beskar of his armor glinting, even in the hazy sun dulled by an overcast sky.A split second later the cloaked figure had The Child in her arms.

He had two circles of rocks surrounding him and seemed to barely even be concentrating on them as they floated around.Coruscant’s underground was certainly no safe place to be, any time of day.” “I always do.Especially given the wicked gleam in his eye.You had remembered his name from the moment he arrived at the camp, shortly after you, memorised every inch of those brown eyes and pale skin. “Whatever you say Charlie. Dbz cooler. Someone from the left yanked your hair towards them.Now the supreme leader has found you again and wishes to use your power for his own gain in ending the Jedi once and for all.Tomorrow, I expect better.Coruscant’s under levels certainly toughed the strong and consumed the weak, no doubt about it.You’d take it any day over being outcasted again.It was going to be a sprint to work..Leclarc was a skeezy, slimy Hutt and unfortunately, your boss.Like Harley said, quiet night.They didn’t give a shit about the person you were underneath the whole facade and that was just fine by you.Every shitty client, every harsh word spit your way, all of the fighting and running- it wouldn’t matter as soon as you were home again.You hoped they were- not a night went by when you didn’t see their faces, ingrained into every dream you ever had, your mothers voice singing out to you, your fathers laugh rumbling around your brain.To wrap your arms around your parents and finally feel as if you were at peace.Harley grinned at you as you ran back upstairs, stealing some perfume from the desk she was currently perched on and practically drowned yourself in it.

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